Who we are

Mint Digital Services operates on the fringe of technology and the music industry. We are one of the forerunners in global digital music administration. On behalf of collective management organizations, independent management entities and publishers we administer agreements with digital music services. We cater state of the art services thanks to our advanced technologies providing our clients with technological, financial, and analytical services in the field of music licensing. As a joint venture between the US music rights organization SESAC and the Swiss collective management organization SUISA, we also support their two licensing subsidiaries SESAC Digital licensing and SUISA Digital licensing in all back-office areas and manage the repertoires and catalogues of several publishers and collective management organizations.


What we do

Online copyright management for rights holders
We have many years of experience in the online rights management. This lets music rights holders benefit from first-class services and transparent business processes resulting in higher revenues from the use of copyrights through online platforms.

Our database with millions of compositions, rightsholders, artists and recordings combined with multiple layers of matching technology allows us to identify every usage of every client. Which allows us to efficiently and precisely invoice their repertoire to digital service providers.

Our clients will then receive detailed statements and any further information they require to be successful and move swiftly in the digital market.

FAQ Link to: https://www.mintservices.com/#/faq