Application Tipps

Application letter
We welcome letters of applications that briefly and concisely explain why you would like to work for and with us and what motivates you to apply for this position. We would like to get some additional information which we won’t get directly from your CV, such as the length of the notice period, planned holidays that would be relevant for a job start, planned education or training etc.
Curriculum vitae
Make sure that your CV is always up to date. First impressions count. This is also true for your curriculum vitae. A chronologically structured and clear CV (Curriculum Vitae) is enjoyable to read. We have the privilege of getting to know many exciting candidates on the basis of applications. Give us the chance to gain an authentic insight into you as a person right from the start.
Certificates and diplomas
By a complete application we mean a curriculum vitae with photo, all work references and all acquired diplomas from training and further education as well as the aforementioned letter of application.
Please apply exclusively online via the application link in the respective job advertisement. This way we can guarantee a quick processing of your application. We look forward to receiving your application!